Nayeli provides a safe space where you will feel comfortable & welcome to share your challenges without the fear of feeling judge, and thus, work toward your goals.

About Nayeli

Nayeli is a Certified Professional Counselor and has a strong passion for helping people, and couples who are going through different stages in their life. Since she has also experienced difficult moments in her personal life and has learned to move forward in a multicultural city. She can be there for you if you are experiencing hard situations and feel that you can't keep moving forward.

Her holistic approach connects both mind and soul and brings a unique perspective to the therapeutic process. She draws upon biological, social, psychological, cultural, and spiritual influences.


Are you ready for a change?

The first step to regaining control is deciding you want to make a change. When you are alone in your commitment, it can be tough to make a change. Nayeli works with you to be there when you need help and create a plan to move you to where you want to be.

By filling out the "Get Started" form, you make a commitment to change. Nayeli will contact you and help you with your next step. Or book a 15 minute free consultation at a convenient time here.