How Music Benefits Your Well Being

When I was growing up, I always knew that music helped develop children's and adult's brains.

But how did I know this?

Maybe it was my mom or my schoolteacher who told me. Maybe it was a book I read, but honestly.. I can't remember.

Still it's super cool to find out the scientific facts that are at the bottom of this fascinating subject.

Here's the summary of How Music Benefits The Brain:

1. Enriches connections between the left and right brain

2. Boosts executive brain function

3. Strengthens speech processing

4. Magnifies memory

5. Promotes empathy

6. Slows brain aging

7. Fosters math and science ability

8. Improves motor skills

9. Elevates mental health

10. Sharpens self-esteem


As well, to show a little more about this, here's a video from a local Vancouver Music School Organic Music Lessons:





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