My Story

I grew up in an environment where emotional and physical abuse were a daily occurrence, and I accepted being affected by my surroundings.

However that situation didn't last too long. It pushed me to get help and to pursue my goals.

That can only happen if you know your identity. Knowing who you are makes a lot of difference and there is where transformation begins.

Losing hope leads to a toxic mind set. You have the power within you to make a change and regain hope.

The moment I recognized my identity it became the starting point for a 7-year-long journey of developing & loving myself, accepting who I am and who I was created to be. That has made a huge impact in my life and in the life of others.

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Creating happy & healthy relationships starts with personal transformation.

I know it sounds difficult, but I made these changes too. You can do it!

When I began a process of personal transformation, my soul, mind, and my whole self were transitioning from a place of hopelessness to a place of meaning & purpose.

Although it sounds cheesy, I truly changed from a self-destructive attitude to loving myself.

Today, since 2012, I have focused on helping others through one on one counseling, couples counselling, and group workshops.

Finding more purpose & meaning in life is worth the effort.

It starts with personal beliefs that you may or may not even know are there.

Your relationships can be better. Your emotional health can be better.

Ask yourself these questions..Do you actually want to change? How much do you want to change? Will you actually make the effort to change? First recognize that the effort that goes into change takes time.

Are you ready for a change?

The first step to regaining control is deciding you want to make a change. When you are alone in your commitment, it can be tough to make a change. Nayeli works with you to be there when you need help and create a plan to move you to where you want to be.

By filling out the "Get Started" form, you make a commitment to change. Nayeli will contact you and help you with your next step. Or book a Counselling Session at a convenient time here.